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Knife sterilizers.

Knife sterilizers.
. cap 10 knives.
General Information
• W/ ultraviolet C lamp, all blades & other sets inside it are protected from microbe & bacteria for a long time.
• When door is open,UV light harmful to eyes is closed automatically by the means of safety switch.
• Duration of the ultraviolet radiation is controlled by 0-120, 0,60 time adjuster.
• Plexiglass doors, S/S body, Black plexiglass lid.
• Knives & other equipment can be removed from microbes & bacteria due to ultraviolet lamps.
. power: 230 v / 50-60 hz / 0.15 Kw.
. N.weight: 9 kg
. dim: 13 x 55 x 62 cm.
VHE.ST.10 / Mariot Turkey / Turkey made

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